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Our Partners

We are partnered globally and nationally with academic, research and industry leaders to help build a vibrant and successful society.


Robeez Electronics

Simply the best camera shop in Kenya
Call them at +254.791.663.339

Are you looking for a shop to buy your camera and camera gear. Look no further because Robeez Electronics have a full set of anything you need in film and photography. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, they have managed to get affordable prices for anyone in need of cameras, light, equipment and will offer you the best. Check them out asap. Their website is https://robeezelectronics.com. Check them out now.

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Africa Grips, Films & Rentals

The lagest dealer for hire of all kinds of production equipment including cameras, lighting, sound, grips, stabilizers, live stream etc
Call them at +254.705.871.052

Africa Grips, Films & Rental have solidified themselves as the Leaders in Photography, Film and Video Equipment Rentals. They are simply the best in the rental department and if you are looking for where to start your film or photography journey, look no further than this company. These guys got your back and will help you in everything you need to grow. Their website is https://gripsfilmsrentals.com. Check them out now.

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